Monday, January 29, 2007

The World is Just a Little Bit Darker Today...

Folks, it's a sad, sad day. The horse that captured America's hearts and fought for months has lost its battle. Yes, Barbaro has been put down as a result of the injury the thoroughbred suffered during last May's Preakness Stakes. Let's all take a collective moment of silence to reflect on what this means for us.

Nothing. It means absolutely nothing, other than the fact that we can now stop hearing about this horse and the countless hours and dollars that were put in to saving its life, despite the fact that any other horse would have had a shotgun stuck down its throat within minutes of leaving the track after being injured. Why has this been such an overpublicized story over the past 7, 8 months?? It's a horse who was unfortunatley injured. Do we need the huge "Get Well Soon Barbaro" cards and the bouquets of flowers? It's a horse!

There is one culprit in the sensationalizing of the trials and tribulations of Barbaro: ESPN. Hardly a day went by when we wouldn;t hear the name Barbaro at least once on the 24 hour sports network. But why? Why did they have to talk about a horse who suffered a career ending injury, likely life ending, so much??

And because ESPN covered the story so much, other news outlets who know nothing about sports see this, and think "Well, if ESPN is talking about it so much, it must be important," so they talk about it too. This leads to everyone in this country talking about this goddamn horse who shouldn't have even been alive anyway. It's just over the top, way too much.


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